jPoint 0.8 error "getAlternativeComments Error: b.Lists[b.ListName.toUpperCase()] is undefined"

Feb 12, 2011 at 2:05 PM


I am referencing jPoint script following the 3rd approach mentioned here ""

, after referencing my script I can verify that jPoint and jQuery libs are loaded with the help of firebug. But when I try to run jP.form.readForm() function I get following error

" getAlternativeComments Error: b.Lists[b.ListName.toUpperCase()] is undefined " ,

and if I refer my jPoint n jQuery libs in Content Editor Part , and also write my script [jP.form.readForm()] in same webpart , it runs fine without any error. And its also true in case if I refer libs and script in NewForm.aspx , my script run fine without any errors.

I have noticed , this error is mentioned in following post as well , but provided 3 solutions, doesn't work in my case ,

so is there any fix for the above mentioned issue ?

I am using MOSS 07, jPoint 0.8, I want to load my jPointLoader.js at sitecollection level , so I could write my custom scripts on individual webs without referencing again the jPointLoader.js on these individual webs.