What is jPoint?

  • jP is an open source javascript API and script deployment framework for Sharepoint
  • It leverages the speed and agility of jQuery.
  • It is used to manipulate Sharepoint forms and pages, communicate to Sharepoint webservices, and to build jParts

What are jParts?

  • jParts are content editor webparts with scripts
  • They are like jQuery plugins for Sharepoint
  • They are configurable which means you do not need a developer to deploy a custom solution for your particular site
  • Check out the Examples and the jParts Repository links on the left-hand side

Who is jPoint for?

  • Sharepoint javascripters develop against the jPoint API and jQuery to create jParts
  • Power users and Sharepoint administrators use jParts to enhance their users' Sharepoint experiences
  • Sharepoint developers can further customize jParts or use several jParts together to create a mashup

What can jPoint do?

  • Allow scripts (jParts) to be deployed to Sharepoint pages by non-technical admin users
  • Manage your javascript solutions in your Sharepoint environment from a central location
  • Manipulate you form pages (i.e. hide, auto-populate, disable fields, etc)
  • Ajaxify your webpart pages (i.e. auto-saves, list auto-refreshes, etc)
  • Allow you to create a feedback form and chatrooms throughout your sites

Can you show me some examples?

When is the API documentation going to be available?

  • We are currently working on a solution for a list-driven API documentation format. This should be available by Oct. 19.
  • For now, download the jPointallexpanded.js from http://www.sharejpoint.com file and view the source code

I am interested in contributing to the Open Source jPoint project. How can I get involved?

  • If you would like to be a contributor to the project, email will.lawrence at sharejpoint.com
  • If you have Sharepoint script solutions that you want to jPoint-ize and turn into jParts, email will.lawrence at sharejpoint.com
  • Other ways to stay involved is by following our the blog at http://www.sharejpoint.com/blog blog and spreading the word on jPoint.

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