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Released: Nov 8, 2009
Updated: Nov 9, 2009 by ken_le
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Release Notes

In this release added more webservices.
Object oriented results from list object used by jPList inspector.

jPoint 0.7 Summary of Updates

Major jPoint.Lists Object Updates:

When using getSPItem, getSPItemsWithQuery, getSPView, getSPViewCollection, getPictures, updateItem, addItem, and deleteItem
jPoint.Lists["<listname>"] will have the following objects populated depending on current context
  • ListName - name of last list used
  • FieldCount - count of fields
  • ItemCount - count of items
  • Items - array of item object [{fld11:val11,fld12:val12,...},{fld21:val21,fld22:val22,...},...]
    • fields are based on xml response and might not be uniform across rows, so check before use
  • xmlDoc - xml document response from webservice call
  • JQueryData - row data as jQuery object
  • total - count of rs:\\data nodes if exist
  • nextPage - key for paging if rs:\\data exist

Improved Public Functions:

  • jP.Form.readForm() - identification of form fields for dispform.aspx
  • jP.Form.<FieldName>.val() - reading of value from fields with no input element to support dispform.aspx
  • jP.strip(str) - remove special hex encoded characters
  • jP.Lists[<ListName>].getSPListFields() - save additional information into list object
  • jP.Lists[<ListName>].udpateItem(itemid) - process response data to save information into list object
  • jP.Lists[<ListName>].getSPItem, getSPItemsWithQuery, getSPView, getSPViewCollection, getPictures - Return list object

Improved Private Functions:

  • getSPItemData(listObj) - use processResponseData to save information
  • getSPItems(listObj, rowLimit) - use processResponseData to save information
  • getSPViewItems(listObj) - get default view dynamically
  • buildModifyContent(listName, data) - handling when data[i].ID is not null

Newly Added Public Functions:

  • deleteItem(id) - delete SPList item
  • getSPViewCollection() - populate jPoint object with list view collection
  • filterItems(filterField, filterValue) - filter the list items where filterField contains filterValue
  • getItemsFieldData(fieldNames) - extract a subset of Items for specified fields

Newly Added Private Functions:

  • processResonseData(listObj, data) - populate jPoint.Lists.{listname} and jPoint.Lists with list information to process list web service all uniformly
  • saveListObjects(listObj, responseData) - populate jPoint.Lists.{listname} and jPoint.Lists with list information
  • getResultItems(respData) - convert response data into array of item objects
  • getColumns(items) - get complete list of columns from items array
  • buildDeleteContent(listName, id) - construct xml body for deleting SPItem from a specified list

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