API Adjustments - Form

Oct 27, 2009 at 10:37 PM

Sweet, Ken, good quick work on the jPart.TextCounter.js!  I like the options you made available too.  Very nicely done.  

Do you think, from what you had to do in the code, that we should have a reference to the Item.find("input,textarea") so that the developer doesn't have to deal with the nuances between the different fields (i.e. a dropdown wouldn't be a textarea).  Also, if we have that reference, then we could do something like
$(jP.Form.Title.htmlElement).change( function () {
.htmlElement would be the reference to the input element (or select or whatever...you know, it'll use similar logic to what's in the val function). 
.find would except a DOM element where we'd be able to use it's ID or a custom attribute that jPoint sets during readForm() to get find the object in memory.